Saturday, February 11, 2012

Witchfinder General Demo

Impressions of playing a Witchfinder General demo at Ducosim (NL) today. Severely hampered by an upcoming flu (cough, snurff) I nevertheless managed two small-scale games before my voice finally gave out. I learned some important things:
  • A 1 square meter table really is big enough. I played my games on a 120x 200 and hardly used a quarter of it.
  • Cut out cards with specific unit data on them enable a player to hold all the relevant data in one hand (witch/barguest/Noctelinger) without the rest that he doesn´t need. Thanks Dashing Dice Games for the downloadable QRS that made this easy.
  • 10-year olds are bloodthirsty monsters ;o)


  1. great stuff, I had the pleasure of seeing it live and the mini's look awesome!

  2. Fantastic stuff!! I love the photos.

  3. Great terrain, and despite his sore throath he was able do do 2 games in a day with some kids that had the attention span of a 2 year old :-) Awesome terrain and figures and a good game to boot !!! Shame he and Sander (without knowing it) convinced me to try Dystopian wars.... nothing to do with this post but I have to convince the wife that spending all that money was essential ...

  4. Sorry mate! You'll love the game though!