Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finished my Dystopian Wars fleet!

After going on a mad painting spree this weekend I finished my entire DW Covenant of Antarctica fleet. Well, except the Dreadnought since a part was missing and while Spartan games was kind enough to promise to mail me a replacement, it hasn´t arrived yet. Still, without further ado:

The mysterious Callymachus Time Dilation Orb!

Aristotle class battleship with two Galen escorts

Pericles class Carrier with robot drone CAP . I have 3 squadrons of 5 drone stands and a single recon drone.

Plato class cruiser: 3 of these make up a squadron

Plutarch destroyers. Five of these make up a squadron.

One of my two Ptolemy bombers

One of my two Icarus medium flyers.

A Diogenes class frigate.

And the entire fleet!

I can´t wait to try them out in a game.....


  1. 1 I love the colour scheme.

    2 with you, the planes fly

    3 very good job!

  2. Hoi JW,

    Het ziet er geweldig uit !


  3. Awesome fleet. The colour scheme is really simple, but the result is superb. I only have 3 COA minis painted at the moment, so I'm both impressed and envious.

  4. Great army, nice color scheme and smooth painting.
    I hope to achieve similar results :)