Sunday, August 14, 2011

GASLIGHT and Victorian SF

For my coming GASLIGHT VSF games I painted a number of Steampunk figures that had been gathering dust for the last few years. Most of them are made by Steve Jackson Games and a few of unknown (or forgotten by me) manufacturers.

First some of the old Warzone plastics. I went for a more late Victorian VSF feel with swapping some weapons or adapting them. I am not happy about the shoulder pads (but they won´t come off in a pretty way) and I think that the head of the blue "German" officer would be better if I used a British head with a peaked cap.

Then the Masters of Mekaniks! Victorian scientists (not looking all too stable in some cases) and their humanoid contraptions. The guy on the far right even worked on himself!

Then some stylish gents and Ladies (well, women anyway). Note the female trooper of Flashman´s hussar regiment and the Clockwork Cat.

And finally some stalwart Defenders of the Realm; Wargames Factory Zulu war British converted to Home Service dress.


  1. Awesome paintjob on those Home Service guys!

  2. A very diverse and rich bunch!
    Happy are the few who own one 'limited edition' Hussarette! A miniature full of potential, I saw her in various roles, from a 18th C. 'Pulp' adventuress to a crew member of a 'Rogue Trader' spaceship.