Friday, July 1, 2011

Holiday paint jobs

No, not the front door or anything useful, but Hasslefree´s Libby on her faithful tiger and two limited edition figures.

As promised, Libby on her tiger

The Glory or Dishonour 2011 participation figure. I got truly clobbered in most battles, but I got this miniature anyway!

And finally the "Bokkerijder"  given out at Crisis 2010. 

Libby had to wait for two years as I was a bit intimidated by the unbelievably good jobs some other people had done on her, but now I had gathered enough courage to start and I think I did not put her to shame. Since I don´t play anything Fantasy she will now spend her days in the showcase, but the two LE figures will join my Dark Age Saxons and Border Reivers respectively.

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