Saturday, July 23, 2011

The diceroll of my wargaming career!

Last night we played Black Powder and I commanded the French Cavalry division. My Cuirassiers were given the perfect opportunity when a British unit attacked a French attack column in the flank and, in turn, exposed its own flank to my heavy horse.

So I ordered the charge, rolled up three actions and onward thundered my glittering line of steel-clad horsemen! I crashed full tilt into the British flank! They could not even form square! 9 Attack dice plus 1D3 combat result and any 3+ was a hit.

So I rolled my bucket of 9 dice and this was the result:

The one Hit was saved......
It ended in a draw....
Everybody came to watch....

Thank God the dice weren´t mine :o)


  1. No wonder you took a pic of them...what are the odds of that result coming up!?

  2. I was there :) and I laughed. Although it wasn't really game turning, yet it did mean the British held for another turn, continuing the stalemate grindfest in which both armies exhausted themselves.

    But yeah, cavalry, reminds me of the first three(!!) times my light horse charged voltigeurs. 6x attacks 3+ to hit, versus 4x attacks 5+ to hit. The first three times my horsemen lost the fight and during the break tests resulted in 'routed from the field'.

    Abysmal :)