Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dystopian Wars fleet and armoured battlegroup for sale!

The miniatures are well-painted in a bronze-green-copper theme, finished in matt varnish and magnetised to stay in a metal container. Turrets of a number of models are magnetised as well. Drones (tiny flyers) are on elevated flight stands.

This is a buy-all-in-one deal.

Shipping and handling is not included in the price. S&H is actual cost from the Netherlands. 

The fleet consists of:

1 x Prometheus Dreadnought
1 x Aristotle battleship
3 x Plato Cruisers
3 x Zeno Armoured cruisers
6 x Plutarch destroyers
6 x Diogenes frigates
6x Galen escorts
6 x Thales corvettes
1 x Pericles carrier + drones
1 x Epicurus Sky fortress + drones
1 x Daedalus large flyer
4 x Icarus medium flyers
6 x Pytheus small flyers (unpainted, primed only)
6x Ptolemy bombers
1 x Callimachus Orb (walking)
2 x Callimachus Orb (waterlined)

The armoured battlegroup consists of:
1 x Herodotus Mobile Airfield (unpainted, primed only)
1 x Heavy Walker Model
3 x Bombard Models
6 x Medium Walker Models
10 x Small Tank Tokens

All serious offers will be considered.

Send them to

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